Guide to COVID-19 Stimulus and Support Funds

Open Door Advisors has prepared a Guide to COVID-19 Stimulus and Support Funds Available to Nonprofit Organizations, Small Businesses & Social Enterprises available as a Google doc.

This guide lists grant and loan funding available from government and private sources and currently includes: national efforts, state and regional efforts, issue or population-specific efforts, and some direct-relief efforts for employees and/or community members. The number and type of available resources is still shifting as government agencies, private foundations, and community-giving efforts continue to emerge. The recently enacted federal CARES Act is clearly one of the largest and most important sources of stimulus funding but it is also not the only source of support.

We will continue to keep this resource updated but also encourage you to keep an eye on regular summaries from sources like: Forefront, Nonprofit Quarterly, Independent Sector, the City of Chicago, and the State of Illinois.

We stand with you in navigating these difficult and uncertain days and hope that this guide will be a helpful resource for you and the organizations you lead and support.

Stay safe and be well.

In partnership,

Lauri, John & The Team
Open Door Advisors, Inc.

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