Open Door Advisors

Open door advisors / Services ​

We help you navigate the most pressing organizational and business challenges to achieve high impact and growth.

We get you there. Learn how.

Strategy and Planning

achieve growth and scale

Big ideas need impeccable execution. We move ideas into action. From feasibility analyses to strategic plans, we have the know-how and the tools to design, build and scale your organization and its impact.

  • Strategy development and alignment
  • Partnership assessments (mergers, acquisitions & strategic alliances)
  • Business and strategic plans
  • Organizational design
  • Change management

People and Change

catalyze performance​

Thriving organizations engage people with intentionality, focusing on equity, growth and fulfillment. We catalyze leadership and potential through thoughtful consultation, coaching and development programs. Our clients gain new knowledge, resolve vexing organizational challenges, and become workplaces of choice.

  • Talent management strategy
  • Team effectiveness
  • Workplace conflict management and mediation
  • Leadership coaching and management support
  • Training and facilitation in organizational effectiveness
  • Board development
  • Innovation
  • Financial sustainability
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Succession planning
  • Workforce development
  • Customized sessions


Secure the future

With our proven approach to organizational sustainability planning that emphasizes workable solutions, your investment and social impact will be viable for the long haul.

  • Organizational sustainability plans
  • Business model optimization
  • Efficiency reviews
  • Risk analysis


Evaluate impact and performance

We are experts at assessing performance so you can achieve impressive growth at all stages of your organization’s lifecycle.

  • Business performance assessment
  • Social impact assessment
  • Talent management assessment
  • Customized assessments

New Ventures

Make informed social impact

When you are ready to realize your potential for transformative social impact, we open doors for you. For corporations, foundations, associations or individuals looking to leverage their time and talent with a social impact platform, we advise you from concept to launch.

  • Strategy development
  • Planning and management support
  • Talent management assessment
  • Customized assessments